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Commercial General Liability Overview

Commercial General Liability (CGL) coverage is known as third party coverage. This simply means that an insured buys the coverage to protect themselves from claims filed by others against them due to their negligence. Examples of people who might file a claim would be: 

  • visitor injured on an insured's premise’s
  • Customers injured on an insured’s praises’s 
  • people, other than an insured employees, injured by an insured’s products and
  • property damage caused by an insured to the property of others

All businesses need commercial general liability protection. Coverage can either be issued monoline or as part of a commercial package policy (CPP). 

If you need this coverage for your business, Songer Insurance Agency can evaluate your risk and offer you a comprehensive package to cover all the necessary risk associated to you and your business, located in Beckley WV at 2955 Robert C. Byrd dr. or give us a call at 304-252-6568. Enjoy your day and stay protected.