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Individual Health Insurance Update

As we near the beginning of the 2019 Open Enrollment Period (OEP)(Nov. 1-Dec. 15) for Individual health insurance, we’re excited to make the following announcement for Highmark’s ACA Individual Market members. 

We’ve listened to feedback from our members and responded with a redesigned product portfolio and the lowest-ever price increase in our ACA segment. Highmark 2019 products will include:

  • Lower deductibles on most plans (including a $0 deductible plan!) – over 95% of renewing members will see their deductible go down in 2019
  • More copay-based benefits
  • More care at little or no cost sharing
  • Benefits that encourage appropriate, cost-effective-site-of service utilization
  • Plans designed to encourage primary care and preventive benefit utilization

If you need more information on individual health insurance in Beckley West Virginia and surrounding areas. Contact our office at 304-252-6568.