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Medicare Explained Quickly

An Issue with New Medicare beneficiaries:

Is that they get bogged down trying to learn about Medicare supplements, and Medicare Advantage plans before they even really understand how their original Medicare benefits work; it's essential not to get ahead of yourself so let's start by learning the essential parts of Medicare first and foremost let's talk about parts vs plans Medicare itself has parts just four of them when we use or hear the word plans then we're typically talking about supplemental coverage or Medicare Advantage.

 Medicare Has Four Parts

 Medicare Supplemental options come in plans Medicare Part A is the hospital coverage you want to think about this as your room and board in the hospital it's going to pay for a semiprivate hospital room including three square meals a day, and doctors and nurses who come around to care for you it's also going to take care of any skilled nursing facility care you may need after a hospital stay and part an also covers Hospice and blood transfusions.

 Part B is your outpatient Medical Coverage

 This includes things like doctor visits and lab work, physical therapy medical supplies. Still, it also covers some things that may happen in a clinical or hospital setting, including outpatient surgeries, ambulance rides, diagnostic imaging dialysis chemotherapy radiation, so to be sure if Medicare is going to be your Primary Health insurance coverage, you can't get away with just having the part you'll need both Medicare parts A and C together.

 These two parts make up your original Medicare or sometimes what we call traditional Medicare. When you enroll in original Medicare parts A and B, you can get your inpatient and outpatient care from any provider in the nation who accepts Medicare. There are more than one million Medicare providers, so you will have a lot of great providers to choose from now, just like health insurance that you've had when you were under 65.

 Medicare parts A and B have deductibles, copays, and coinsurance

 That you pay as you access healthcare services. Suppose you stick with original Medicare parts A&B. In that case, you can choose to enroll in a Medigap plan sometimes called the Medicare supplement that will pay some of these things for you to let me also mention that when Medicare was first rolled out back in 1965, parts A and B were the only two parts of Medicare in existence and still today they are the only two parts that you will sign up for through the Social Security office or website or the railroad retirement board.

 The other two parts of Medicare C&D came later, and both are optional. Let's look at how those work. Medicare Part C is also called the Medicare Advantage program. This is a voluntary form of coverage where you can choose to get your part A and B healthcare services. Sometimes Part D benefits through a private local health insurance network of providers such as an HMO or PPO, so a Medicare Advantage plan, you must be enrolled in both Medicare parts A&B and live in the plan service area.